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Good times are brewing here

Hey, hoppy travelers. We get it. You want originality, variety, innovation, and, most importantly, lots and lots of reclaimed wood bars (just kidding: “a good story,” obviously). Here in Pennsylvania, we’ve been brewing beer since the 1600s, so we know a thing or two about what makes a good brew and the hardworking entrepreneurs who brought it to life. Today, we have more than 440 craft breweries across Pennsylvania, all serving up the finest craft brews to quench your particular thirst.

Please designate a driver and enjoy Pennsylvania beer responsibly.


Craft Beer Destinations


Results are limited to a 25-mile radius

Beer Trails across Pennsylvania

tasty selection at Free Will Brewing
Enjoy these trails of tasty ales.

Are you a hop head? Are you grateful for grains? These are the trails you want to be on. See how PA’s incredible beers come about from malt to Märzen. And, since PA has been brewing beer since the 1600s, we like to think we’ve perfected the craft. Come experience it yourself.

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