Family Fishing in Pennsylvania

Remember your first “sunny”? Make new memories.

Many anglers recall panfish as their first catch as a kid. Reel one of those babies in and you were “hooked” for life. Whether in spring, summer, fall or in icy winter on a frozen lake, panfish are a year-round group of fish that invite an equal-opportunity fishing experience for anglers of all ages. With Pennsylvania fishing regulations allowing some sizable creel limits on many waters, a great day can yield a family harvest for a sumptuous meal. Whether landing in a pan on a campfire or gently unhooked and released to be caught again, schools of panfish beckon you to return to your childhood and remember the fun of your first catch. Here are our “best of the best” for your trek to Pennsylvania’s panfishing pleasure.


  • Lake Arthur
  • Promised Land Lake
  • Rose Valley Lake
  • Shohola Marsh Reservoir


  • Blue Marsh Lake
  • Pymatuning Reservoir
  • Shenango River Lake
  • Wilmore Dam

Yellow Perch

  • Lake Erie
  • Lake Irena
  • Lake Marburg
  • Promised Land Lake
  • Rose Valley Lake

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