High Plateau, PA Scenic Byway - State Route 144

State Route 144
Renovo, PA 17764
Phone: 888-388-6991
Region: Pennsylvania Wilds

This 27-mile corridor, located between Snow Shoe, exit 147 off I-80, and Renovo, provides views of the Sproul State Forest as you travel on top of the plateau of the Allegheny Ridge. This area is unspoiled by development and offers a vast expanse of hardwood forests, with Evergreens and Mountain Laurel. No power lines or homes visible from this remote area, you can experience views unchanged for more than a hundred years. You are apt to see wildlife such as deer, bear or elk. The character of this Byway is preserved because it passes near Burn's Run and Fish Dam Wild Areas, as well as several Natural areas. Recreational trails crisscross the Byway and scenic vistas with parking; offer you ideal locations to capture prize-winning photos or to do some hiking. The Dennison Overlook, near State Camp, is included in the Dark Skies Directory. The elevation is about 2,200' and is at least 10 miles from any light pollution, making it a favorite site for Central PA Observers.

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