Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau

6993 Seven Points Road, Suite 2
Hesston, PA 16647
Phone: 814-658-0060
Region: The Alleghenies

The Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau is located at the Raystown Lake Region Visitor Center. The Raystown Lake Region is your best kind of get-out-of-doorsy place. Only 2% of the 118-mile shoreline of Raystown Lake is developed; so, flip that statistic around & know that 98% of the shoreline is UNDEVELOPED and pristine wilderness scenery is here and waiting for you. Contact the Huntingdon County Visitors Bureau (HCVB) and learn about all that the Raystown Lake Region of Pennsylvania, USA has to offer. With many outdoor public spaces, the Raystown Lake Region has opportunities aplenty to breathe in the fresh air, walk our forest trails and enjoy water activities within the unspoiled shoreline scenery of Raystown Lake. Bring your boots, kayak and mountain bike to get the most out of your time visiting us – or rent gear here!

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