Heritage Cove Resort

1172 River Rd.
Saxton, PA 16678
Phone: 814-635-3386
Region: The Alleghenies

Heritage Cove cottages offer a peaceful retreat in a forested setting and are equipped with all the conveniences we have all come to expect. Cottages are supplied with both bed and bath linens, small appliances, cookware, dishes, and outdoor equipment including a porch swing, barbeque, fire ring, and picnic table. Enjoy the creature comforts in the midst of nature, where the flora and fauna are yet untamed.  The Heritage Cove boat ramp and docking are on Raystown Lake. The no-wake zone is ideal for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. Kayaks, canoes and pontoon boats are available to rent. Nearby paths or beautiful Trough Creek State Park offer hiking or bring your bike to enjoy local trails. Guests are welcome to relax in rocking chairs by the fireplace in the Reception Center, or check out a book or board game from the Heritage Cove collection. The Reception Center houses a laundry room, and a store with camping supplies, ice, snacks, a selection of casual clothing, and gift items.

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