These PA distilleries are worth a shot.

Looking for a beverage with some kick? These PA distilleries are serving up some unbelievable spirits, which makes sense because Pennsylvania is the birthplace of American whiskey. And, since those days, we've expanded into making some impressive gin and vodka as well.

Please designate a driver and enjoy Pennsylvania spirits responsibly.

Disobedient Spirits

Savor the Craft

Craft distilleries achieve interesting and complex flavors from small batch experimentation.

When in Philadelphia, take a trip to Disobedient Spirits for micro-craft spirits and a fun atmosphere. Rack 'em up with a game of pool, try your aim at darts, or play some giant Jenga while you try delightful spirits with local ingredients. 

Luminary Distilling in Erie is a great place for fans of spirits, cider, and food. Liquor made from local grain genuinely captures the heart of craft distilling. You can satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh baked goods such as cakes and donuts. 

pouring whiskey sampler

Come for the Atmosphere

Reinvention is at the core of distilling, and the same is true for the locations of some of the best distilleries in Pennsylvania.

Located in a former textile mill built in the 1800s, Dad's Hat Distillery is a great stop for rye whiskey near Philadelphia. They source ingredients locally and give back to their community by recycling mash and reusing building materials. Be sure to tour the building and learn about the production process.

Bethlehem's Social Still Distillery has reinvigorated the old bank it inhabits by sourcing local corn, rye, wheat, and barley to create a variety of unique and delicious spirits.  

Blackbird Distillery

Enjoy the Well-Beloved

When seeking Pennsylvania distilleries to visit, something must be said for longtime favorites. Discover the delightful tastes that have made these spots favorites among locals and visitors alike.

When in The Alleghenies, stop by Big Springs Spirits for delicious drinks, fantastic service, and mouthwatering food. Distilled liquors are made with locally sourced ingredients and the distillery's production is environmentally friendly.

In the mood for moonshine? Check out Blackbird Distillery in the Pennsylvania Wilds. This site makes all its liquor by hand from scratch, resulting in a one-of-a-kind flavor that can't be beaten.

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