Lewisburg, PA
Region: Valleys of the Susquehanna

Almost everywhere you turn in Lewisburg, you'll find yourself gazing at a historic building, structure or site. The city is on the National Register of Historic Places and is known as "Pennsylvania Town" among historians due to its distinct city layout developed in colonial Pennsylvania. The buildings that still exist along the streets of this historic town represent nearly every historic style; strolling along its streets is a lesson in architecture that will appeal to your historical curiosity as well as delight your eyes. Explore the city at dusk; cast-iron, three-globe lamp posts still line the streets, producing a soft glow that adds to its charm. Don't miss Market Street, many of the existing businesses were started there between 1911 and 1962 and are still fully operational, giving the town an even more authentic feel. The Lewisburg Hotel and The Campus Theater are two such businesses, offering their visitors a blast from the past.

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