Old Allegheny County Jail

400 Ross St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 412-471-5808
Region: Pittsburgh & Its Countryside

The most lasting and well-known symbol of Allegheny County is the Allegheny County Courthouse and Jail complex, designed in 1883 by Boston architect Henry Hobson Richardson, and built between 1884-1888. These internationally recognized historic structures reflect Hobson's stature as one the greatest architects in the history of American architecture, and continue to draw visitors from throughout the world who marvel at the buildings' simple style, dignity and strength. Notable history: As Pennsylvania's first juvenile probation officer, Alice Ballard Montgomery was an ardent advocate of reform for juvenile offenders rather than punishment by imprisonment. When Pittsburgh's Juvenile Court began in 1902, Alice was invited to serve as consultant because of her prior work with the Philidelphia courts and her experience as a resident of a settlement house. She became Chief Probation Officer in 1903, serving until 1907. One of her first tasks was to remove children from imprisonment with adults in the county jail to safer quarters. She created a "Pittsburgh Model" of juvenile justice and presented it to audiences in and beyond the United States

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