Mechanicsburg, PA
Region: Dutch Country Roads

Named for a settlement of mechanics who repaired and made wagons in the early 1800s, Mechanicsburg's continued growth was also attributed to the Cumberland Valley Railroad. Completing its line in 1837, Mechanicsburg was designated as a water station where workers could restock the locomotive's wood and pump water. The train became the town's link to the world of business and industry. At one time, there were twenty-five trains chugging through the town daily carrying travelers, coal, feathers, fruit, ice, mail and newspapers. During the Civil War, the railroad was an invaluable method of transporting troops and supplies. Residents saw the first of the Civil War in 1862 when Confederate prisoners passed through town on the CVRR. One year later, on June 27, 1863, Gen. Albert Jenkins and his troops marched to town and demanded rations for his men and grain for the horses.

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