Did you know almost 60% of travelers still rely on brochures to help them decide what to do while on vacation? Brochures have been found to even influence travelers whose itinerary is already set; leading about a third of travelers to visit additional sites not part of their original travel plans.

The Pennsylvania Tourism Office maintains state-branded displays at 35 rest areas, 17 turnpike plazas, and 14 Welcome Centers throughout the Commonwealth through the Pennsylvania On Display brochure distribution. We would love to feature your brochure(s) at one or more our brochure distribution sites! For as little as $28 per month, you can showcase your brochure to travelers visiting or passing through your area. For a little more, we’ll even design and produce a brochure for you to distribute through the Pennsylvania On Display program.

 For more information, please visit pennsylvaniaondisplay.com or call 800-320-2512.