Goose Day

09/24/22 - 09/29/22

Repeats: None

Lewistown, Pennsylvania 17044  
Region: The Alleghenies

The celebration of Goose Day, or “St. Michaelmas Day”, in the Juniata River Valley is an example of an old custom that has continued to survive because it has become a tradition for us. “Eat goose on Michaelmas Day, and you’ll never want money all the year round,” says a centuries-old English proverb. Believers in the Juniata River Valley adhere to that goose-eating tradition on St. Michael’s Day, September 29th, each year. In 1973, the Mifflin County Commissioners issued a proclamation formally establishing “Goose Day” as September 29th. In Juniata County, the Commissioners signed the “Goose Day” proclamation in 1976, proclaiming Goose Week in Juniata county. Since then, “Goose Day” has been celebrated in one form or another throughout the Juniata River Valley. Many restaurants, churches, and fraternal organizations serve goose on this day every year. Most places are filled to overflowing as soon as they open. So if you are looking to celebrate “Goose Day” by eating goose, go early or you may end up with some ruffled feathers!

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