The Ultimate Guide to Pennsylvania Grapes

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Pennsylvania is home to more than two dozen grape varieties that flourish throughout the state’s diverse climate and soil conditions.

Because Pennsylvania’s growing conditions vary greatly across the state, many different varieties can be successfully grown. Some varieties you may know well and others might take you on a new tasting adventure. Take a tour through PA Wine Land and get to know some of Pennsylvania’s best grapes.

Catawba grapes are used to make white or rosé wine. These grapes produce wines that are light and crisp with berry notes and a hint of spice. The Catawba grape grows primarily in the North West region. It pairs well with grilled pork or fish, Cajun fare, cheese and fruit.

Chambourcin grapes are dark-skinned and have a sour cherry or pie cherry flavor. Grown primarily in the North CentralSouth WestSouth Central and South East wine regions, they pair well with pizza and pasta with red sauce.

Chardonnay grapes produce white wines that can vary in taste. Dry, unoaked styles can be fruity with hints of citrus zest and floral notes, while oaked varieties can have hints of vanilla and caramel. Chardonnay grapes, primarily grown in the South Central and South East regions, pair well with chicken, turkey, salmon in cream sauce, shellfish, risotto and hearty soups.

Concord grapes are dark-skinned with familiar red grape juice flavors. It is an intense grape with fruitiness on the front, while zesty on the finish. The Concord, which grows well in the North West region, pairs best with pork, corned beef, creamy cheeses like goat, and sweet desserts.

Merlot grapes produce red wines with savory and earthy flavors with hints of mushrooms. Climate also has an impact, bringing out jammy tastes with dark fruit notes like black cherry or plum in warmer, dryer or better-ripening years. In Pennsylvania, merlot grapes grow in the South Central and South East wine regions. These wines pair well with pasta, lamb, mild hard cheeses and burgers.

Traminette is a white wine grape with notes of mango, pear, melon and citrus zest. It is crisp and slightly sweet. They are mainly grown in the North CentralSouth West and South East regions of Pennsylvania. These wines pair well with shellfish, gorgonzola, ham and chicken.

For more information about the grape varieties grown throughout Pennsylvania, check out the full PA Wines Grape Guide.

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—Ronna Dewey


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