Speakeasies and Hidden Bars in PA

With secretive entrances and Prohibition-era vibes, these not-so-secret speakeasies and hidden bars offer a taste of history with a modern flair. Join us in exploring the best speakeasies across the state and create unforgettable experiences.

1. Omni William Penn Hotel Speakeasy


Step back in time to the age of flappers and jazz at The Omni William Penn's swanky social lounge and 1920s-themed Speakeasy. Sip on signature cocktails at the Prohibition-era bar, hailed as one of Pittsburgh's "12 Most Essential Bars" by Thrillist. After careful restoration from its days as a storage area, the Speakeasy now radiates historic charm and beckons you to savor a secretive drink in this sophisticated hideaway.

2. Daddy Tom’s Cocktail Lounge


Tucked away behind the Bookcase at 304 Wine and Beer lies Daddy Tom’s Cocktail Lounge, downtown Bristol’s not-so-secret speakeasy-style cocktail lounge. With meticulously crafted cocktails and a vibe that's both upscale and laid-back, it's the ultimate spot for a sophisticated night out. Crack the code with the daily password—just keep an eye on their Instagram for your exclusive entry into this hidden gem.

3. Lost & Found “Not A Speakeasy”


Step into The Block in downtown Sharon, where each themed dining room is a journey in itself. But for a truly clandestine experience, inquire about the lost and found closet— your ticket to a bygone era of speakeasies and secret rendezvous. Savor some favorite bootlegger beverages in an intimate setting, adding a dash of mystery to your night out.

4. CADENCE+ Cellars


Embark on a journey to a contemporary speakeasy haven at CADENCE+ Cellars in Pittsburgh’s vibrant Strip District. Here, amidst a treasure trove of offerings including a restaurant, bar, private tasting rooms, a Pro Bike and Run shop, and the CityLine Event Center, adventure awaits at every turn. Indulge in mouthwatering made-from-scratch meals available for brunch, lunch, and dinner as you uncover the modern charm of this all-in-one hotspot.

5. Reliance Mine Saloon


Discover Gettysburg's covert operation at the Quality Inn Gettysburg Battlefield — the Reliance Mine Saloon. Nestled in a cozy corner, this intimate speakeasy invites you to mingle with fascinating and lively individuals while sipping on a selection of 15 rotating craft beers and a full liquor bar. Since its inception in 1975, the Reliance Mine has drawn history enthusiasts and parched adventurers alike, offering a unique blend of ambiance and camaraderie.

6. The Springhouse Tavern at the Dobbin House


Beneath the historic Dobbin House lies The Springhouse Tavern, a concealed retreat brimming with tales of yesteryear. Dating back to 1776, this iconic property served as a hospital post-Battle of Gettysburg and a refuge for those seeking liberty on the Underground Railroad. Now, it’s a hidden gem where you can sip on drinks and soak up the rich history in an underground setting steeped in intrigue.

7. Hop Sing Laundromat


Hop Sing Laundromat in Philadelphia’s Chinatown isn't your typical bar — it's full of mystery and charm. With its hidden entrance and no-photo rule, walking in feels like stepping into a secret world. Inside, enjoy expertly made cocktails and a cool atmosphere straight out of the pages of the past. It's a must-see for anyone looking for a unique night out in Philly.

8. The Upstairs at Mudhook Brewing Company


Ascend to the secret realm of "Upstairs" at Mudhook Brewing Company, York's newest treasure nestled above the lively brewpub in the historic Central Market House. Hosting up to 20 guests in its cozy, dimly lit confines, this speakeasy-inspired sanctuary beckons with a tantalizing prohibition-era cocktail menu and promises of special events and private party extravaganzas. Join the secret society and elevate your evening with libations and revelry in this exclusive hideaway.

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