Raise your spirits at these 21 PA craft distilleries!

Pennsylvania residents take their spirits very seriously. See: The Whiskey Rebellion. While we’re not taking up arms over taxes anymore, these spirts are still worth marching around the Commonwealth. Today, Pennsylvania is producing delicious distilled craft and small-batch treats. Don’t miss the chance to raise a glass at one of these great distilleries.

erie distilling


Erie Distilling is a post-prohibition, craft distillery and cocktail bar that specializes in specialty distilled spirits, in-house premium cocktails and a local selection of craft drinks from the areas’ finest breweries, distilleries and wineries. Try their apple pie moonshine!

Luminary Distilling


Offering a unique micro-distillery experience; visit to take a look into spirit production, bottle sales, and tasting room with traditional cocktails. Luminary Distilling takes "small batch artisan distilling" literally. Their largest finishing still is only 53 gallons. Featuring specialty mules and Bloody Mary Sunday Fundays!

Hungry Run Distillery


Plucked from a thick tangle of brambles, blackberries are plump, juicy and waiting to be made into something glorious. Hungry Run Distillery, in Lewistown, has taken this ruby-colored fruit’s juice to create its signature drink which includes its own blackberry vodka and ginger ale. Stop by and try on for a refreshing treat.

Hazard Distillery


Nothing says “chilling” like a cool glass of lemonade. Take it up a notch by mixing equal parts of your favorite fresh lemonade and Hazard’s Distillery’s Blackberry Moonshine, for the perfect blend of sweet and tart.

CJ Spirits


Northwestern Pennsylvania’s first craft distillery, CJ Spirits, is located along scenic Route 6, in Kane, Pennsylvania, at the southern tip of the Allegheny Reservoir. Spirits are handcrafted using fresh local ingredients, pure Allegheny Mountain spring water and state-of-the-art distillery equipment. Visit and enjoy handmade cocktails, appetizers, soups and sandwiches at the bar or table area and don't forget to swing by the retail area before completing your sojourn.

Mason Dixon Distillery


Mason Dixon Distillery offers a distillery tour and make a variety of spirits including vodka, rum, aged rum, spiced rum, corn whiskey, bourbon and gin. Fun fact about Mason Dixon Distillery is that they grow some of the raw grains used in their spirits right on Gettysburg National Military Park. Anything that doesn't come from the battlefield comes from within a few miles of their facility.

Blackbird Distillery


Blackbird Distillery, America's ONLY distillery handcrafting moonshine onsite from grain to bottle.  Apple Black is straight shine with a natural apple flavor with a cinnamon stick in every bottle.  They also smoke their own meats and cheeses and offer a variety of canned goods.

Wigle Whiskey


Wigle Whiskey, named after one of PA’s Western pioneering distillers, Phillip Wigle, this family-owned distillery has been the most awarded craft whiskey distillery for four consecutive years by the U.S. by the American Craft Spirits Association. Wigle has won Best in Category Craft Rye Whiskey, Best in Category Wheat Whiskey, and Best in Category and Class Gin. The distillery is open for tours every Saturday. Even take home a bottle from your favorite rye or bourbon barrel!

Maggie’s Farm Rum


Visit Maggie's Farm Distilling to see products distilled from scratch in the copper pot still. In fact, they're the maker of Pennsylvania's first commercially available craft rum. Visitors can shop for bottles and even get a taste during cocktail hours Wednesday through Sunday.

Big Spring Spirits


Although there are many favorites at Bellefonte’s Big Spring Spirits one of the most popular cocktails is the Coaly aka the Milesburg Mule. The local take on the traditional Moscow Mule has long been a go-to for regulars and locals alike.

Barrel 21 Distillery and Dining

State College

Just across the parking lot from one of the region's best-known breweries (Otto's) is Barrel 21 Distillery, which is known for its creative cocktails. There might not be any more popular than its Bloody Mary, because they go so beyond a stick of celery. The drink toppings include cheese, bacon, shrimp, and olives. It's almost a meal by itself.

Hewn Spirits

New Hope

Stop in Hewn Spirits for a tasting of hand-crafted whiskey and other products made from locally-grown grains. Refreshing cocktails, craft spirit bottles, live music and unique gifts are also available!

Dad’s Hat Distillery


Dad’s Hat Distilling’s mission is to deliver classic Pennsylvania rye spirits that follow more than 200 years of American tradition, using locally sourced ingredients to distill their famous whiskey. Visit the distillery to see what goes into making this traditional spirit and why it’s recognized as “Craft Whiskey Distillery of the Year” in the March 2015 issue of Whiskey Advocate.

Disobedient Spirits

Homer City

Disobedient Spirits is a craft distillery devoted to bringing a new twist on old spirits including whiskey, vodka, brandy and gin. Sit at the cocktail bar and marvel as the barkeeps use their house-made spirits and locally-sourced ingredients to create a perfectly crafted cocktail. You can also venture over to the Rackhouse and play pool, darts, and cornhole - or just hang out on the cozy couches and relax with a good drink.

Manatawany Still Works


Named by the Lenape Indians, Manatawny means “the place we meet to drink.” Today, nothing has changed. Manatawny Still Works creates high quality, small-batch spirits right on the shores of the Schuylkill River where the natives met.

Five Saints


This rustic micro-distillery is churning out award-winning vodka, gin, and white whiskey. Stop by to take a tour and hear why co-founder John George named the distillery Five Saints, after five of his family members who he deemed “Saints” for putting up with him.

Boardroom Spirits


Nestled in an unassuming business park in Lansdale, PA, Boardroom Spirits is creating innovative high-octane beverages including mouth-watering flavored vodkas.

Thistle Finch


Located a short walk from downtown Lancaster, Thistle Finch Distillery is located in the former Walter Schnader Tobacco Warehouse that was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. Visitors can have a unique experience by tasting a variety of house-made infusions or by taking a tour of the distillery to learn how Thistle Finch makes their award-winning rye whiskey.

Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse


Well-known as a theater and restaurant, Zoetropolis is also home to Lancaster Distilleries, a craft-distillery inside of the restaurant. Grab a drink and stay for a show!

Stoll & Wolfe Distillery


Once home to the oldest distillery, Bomberger Distillery-dating back to 1753, Erik Wolfe and Dick Stoll reopen the doors to this historic distillery and name it their own-literally. Stoll & Wolfe offers distilling traditions dating back to 1753; each bottle represents collaboration across generations and traditions to preserve the history and future legacy of Pennsylvania Craft Whiskey.

Barn & Barrel at Mount Hope Estate


PA's original winery, brewery, cidery, and distillery, Barn & Barrel is the premier destination for those looking to enjoy a craft-made beverage. Perfect for private events, the Historic Barn is spacious and inviting. BE sure to take a tour while you're here to get a good look into the distilling process.

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