How to Make a Deer Button Game

Courtesy of the State Museum of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg.

This Lenape Indian game of chance is just one of the many examples of Pennsylvania treasures found at The State Museum of Pennsylvania.

This version was created by the late Lenape descendant James (Lone Bear) Revey. Revey created many of The State Museum of Pennsylvania’s Lenape reproductions, including the William Penn Wampum belt.


This game can have 2-6 players.

What you will need:

7 Lima Beans per player 24 Pieces of Yellow Popcorn per player Permanent marker

Color The Lima Beans:

Before you begin, color one side of each of the lima beans.

Play The Game:

Each Player takes a turn shaking the 7 lima bean dice.

1 Black Bean = give 1 piece of corn to each player 2 Black Beans = give 2 pieces of corn to each player 3 Black Beans = give 3 pieces of corn to each player 4 Black Beans = give 4 pieces of corn to each player 5 Black Beans = each player gives you 2 pieces of corn 6 Black Beans = each player gives you 4 pieces of corn 7 Black Beans = each player gives you 10 pieces of corn If you have 5, 6 or 7 black beans than you can shake again, if not then the next player takes a turn.

Play until one player has all the corn and that person is the winner!

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