Green Travel in PA

Ditch the throw-away mentality and be a conscientious traveler, aware of his social footprint

As you enjoy your visit in Pennsylvania’s outdoors, think about the natural features, unique species and hidden gems that make these places so special. Now think about the effect millions of visitors have on these lands and waters. Fortunately, we can all do our part to minimize our impact and protect what has been handed down to us. By following simple principles, such as those of Leave No Trace, you can help ensure what you are enjoying in your parks and forests today will be around for many generations.

Follow specific regulations, which have been developed to protect the special ecology. Observe nature, don’t disturb it. Leave it for others to enjoy. Stick to existing campsites and trails so impact is concentrated. Protect our waterways by camping away from lakes and using designated wash and bathing areas. Scrub boots, boats and other gear to reduce the spread of invasive species. Keep the wildlife wild by observing from a distance and not feeding it. Properly dispose of your trash or take your trash with you, and pick up any litter you may see around.

Go the extra mile by taking steps to make your visit more eco-friendly.

Use recycled paper products or reusable containers for your picnic. Take along re-usable water bottles. Use biodegradable camp suds for dishes and your body. Recycle aluminum cans; burning them in a campfire will release chemicals that pollute the air. Use local firewood instead of carrying it with you as some unwanted invasive pests might hitch a ride. Tie a clothes line from tree to tree. Set your lantern on the table instead of putting a nail in a tree to hang it. For camping, purchase a fuel efficient cooking stove; an LED flashlight; solar charger and reusable batteries; re-usable cook set; solar camp shower; non-toxic bug repellant; bear-proof food container; a clothes line; and reusable marshmallow sticks.

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