21 Immunity Boosting Greenhouses & Nurseries to Visit This Spring

With winter’s snows fast becoming a distant memory, jumpstart your spring plantings with a visit to these Pennsylvania greenhouses and nurseries. Along with boasting a wide selection of plants loaded with immune-boosting superfoods and their undeniable health benefits, their knowledgeable and skilled staff can offer some great hints and tips on how to transform even a small section of your yard or garden into a zone of wellness.

1. DJ's Greenhouse & Gardens


Opening for the season on Apr. 13, spruce up your home landscape with a visit to DJ's Greenhouse & Gardens. Need a bit of inspiration? Their display gardens are just the ticket, as are their hands-on classes on topics ranging from salad bowl, butterfly, and herb gardens to the growing a vegetable garden or succulents garden . They even offer a class for kiddos on pixie gardens! With their large selection of plants from annuals to perennials, tropical, trees, and shrubs, your garden will soon be a happy place!

2. Al's Melons Farm Market and Nursery

Conneaut Lake

The 50-acre Al’s Melons Farm Market and Nursery specializes in hanging baskets and bedding plants each spring. From there, they do all the work, planting and growing a bountiful harvest of veggies, including peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, cabbage, onions, and tomatoes for you to enjoy.

3. The Greenhouse Project at Nay Aug Park


Does your mouth start to water just at the thought of homegrown tomatoes and eggplant? Visit The Greenhouse Project to expand your knowledge with one of their horticulture classes and then start planting. This organization focuses on educating both children and adults about the relationship between the foods we eat and our health. The project’s 3,000 sq. ft. greenhouse and three thriving community gardens are more than worth the trip.

4. Peachey’s Greenhouse


flower plants outside nursery
Peachey’s Greenhouse

Tucked away on a back road and surrounded by farmland in PA’s beautiful Big Valley, the drive to Peachey’s Greenhouse is as beautiful as the flowers and plants inside. Whether you are a new or well-seasoned gardener, the Amish-owned business offers top-quality plants, including edibles such as vegetables, berries, melons, and herbs. You can even build your own terrarium from their variety of air plants.

5. Redbud Native Plant Nursery


Your garden will be 'buzzing' with local pollinators this spring with plants from Redbud Native Plant Nursery. Their focus is strictly on the cultivation of plants native to the Mid-Atlantic region, so you know every plant you select is perfect for the region’s climate and soil. Whether your plant needs run from trees, shrubs, perennials or annuals, vines, grasses, aquatics, ferns, or edibles, they got you covered – with each plant nursery propagated, container grown, and available in a variety of sizes.

6. New Blooms Greenhouse


Whether you’re in the market for produce, flowers, or both, New Blooms Greenhouse offers all the essentials for gardening newbies and green-thumb enthusiasts alike who can’t wait to get their hands in the soil come spring. Their wide selection of plants includes specialty annuals, hanging baskets, planters, perennials, herbs, and mums!

7. Nature Works Farm & Nursery

Homer City

Flower plants inside Nursery
Nature Works Farm & Nursery

With a passion for healthy living and homestead arts and years of experience in urban, organic, and sustainable farming under their proverbial belts, the owners of Nature Works Farm & Nursery are committed to being a great source for vegetables, herbs, annuals and perennials, and using healthy practices to boost plant vitality.

8. Rohrer's Seeds


With more than 100 years of experience comes unparalleled trust when consulting the master specialists at Rohrer’s Seeds. This one-of-a-kind retail seed and supply store has an extensive catalog featuring more than 1,600 varieties of plants – veggie, herb, and flower seeds with names that span the alphabet, making it one of the largest in-store selections in the country! From seed starting supplies to books and tools to help you grow, you’re practically guaranteed to have the finest garden on the block!

9. Bonnie's Greenhouse

Osceola Mills

In need of an energy boost or stress reducer that only a little garden therapy can provide but don’t know where or how to start?! The gardening experts at Bonnie’s Greenhouse are trained in all things gardening – trees, shrubs, fruits, and veggies. For an added bonus, the antics of their mini horses, donkeys, and goats on-site are guaranteed to put a smile on even the grumpiest gardener!

10. Frailey's Greenhouse & Garden Center


From vegetables to bedding plants and everything in between, Frailey’s Greenhouse & Garden Center offers an afternoon worth of gardening goodies to explore. Following a successful day of garden therapy, sip back and relax with a toast (or three) at Uncle D’s Sassy Glass Winery. That’s right, this family business owns the next-door winery, too!

11. Riverside Greenhouse


plants inside greenhouse
Riverside Greenhouse

Riverside Greenhouse will help new gardeners select the perfect array of plants, herbs, seeds, and soil for a truly bountiful immunity garden. Give your lawn some style too with a purchase from their extensive assortment of fountains and metal obelisks!

12. GreenSpace Indoor Farm


Broaden your gardening knowledge and expertise with a lesson on hydroponic lettuce, herbs, and edible flowers at GreenSpace Indoor Farm, a non-profit specializing in certified organic microgreens and sustainability. Mastering the art of indoor agriculture is perfect for urban residents and suburbanites alike. Microgreen grow kits, organic soil blends, nutrient-rich organic worm castings, and specialty organic seeds are all available for in-person pick up.

13. Miller Plant Farm


Plants hanging inside Plant farm
Miller Plant Farm

Miller Plant Farm has everything you need to start your own immunity garden. Dating back to 1928, this family-owned farm definitely knows a thing or two about growing plants of all types and varieties. Wonder what sets this third-generation business apart? These farmers grow 95 percent of the products they sell. From vegetable transplants and flowers to high-quality potting soil mix, their selection is outstanding.

14. Garden Dream Urban Farm & Nursery


Community gardens are springing up all through the greater Pittsburgh area through the efforts of Grow Pittsburgh. Download their online community garden map to locate their various urban farm production sites or search their website for loads of info on how to start your own community garden or transform even the smallest backyard into your own little garden filled with your personal selection of immunity-boosting plants.

15. Twolick Valley Nursery & Gift Shoppe


flower plants inside nursery
Twolick Valley Nursery & Gift Shoppe

Their motto is “brightening your life” and their mission is “to make sure our customers leave with a smile on their face.” One visit to Twolick Valley Nursery & Gift Shoppe and you’ll know they take each of these very seriously, with joy in all they do! Whether it’s their quality selections of vegetables, herbs and spices from their greenhouse, gorgeous plants and shrubs for your landscaping, a unique gift, or a helpful hint on how to grow your garden, leaving with a smile is practically guaranteed!

16. Ken’s Garden

Intercourse and Smoketown

Look no further than Ken’s Gardens for all your planting needs. The roots of this family-owned business stretch back to 1972, with their first retail store opening in Intercourse in 1974, then grew to a second location in Smoketown a year later. Shop year-round for veggies, trees, shrubs, and supplies.

17. Creekside Gardens


succulent plant in pot
Creekside Gardens

Discover the ever-evolving garden center of Creekside Gardens! From spring through fall, find interesting plants to adorn your home. Take advantage of seasonal events year-round, as well as hands-on workshops for visitors, garden enthusiasts, and decorators. Whether you need new veggies to plant, a special gift for a friend, or fish for your water garden, the staff is ready and waiting to provide support.

18. Lurgan’s Greenhouse


The first step to a successful garden is to purchase lush and healthy plants. That’s no problem at Lurgan’s Greenhouse as the choices are simply amazing. This outdoor oasis has an incredible selection of plants, garden equipment, and outdoor décor. Take some time to view their beautiful plants and learn from the experts.

19. Esbenshade’s Garden Center & Greenhouse


Give your garden a head start with a visit to Esbenshade’s Greenhouse. This 16-acre facility offers quality plants and products for all of your garden and landscaping endeavors. Since 1960, the garden center has prided themselves in bringing their customers the finest plants at the best prices. Find additional locations in Fleetwood and Mohnton.

20. Black Creek Greenhouse

East Earl

Flower plants inside nursery
Black Creek Greenhouse

Prepare to be amazed at Black Creek Greenhouse. The family-operated business holds more than 1,000 varieties of perennials, 130 herbs, and 50 types of tomatoes in addition to equipment or garden décor. Check out their famous selection of mums or come back during the Christmas holiday for their vibrant poinsettias.

21. Ashcombe Farm & Greenhouse


From house plants to herbs, Ashcombe Farm & Greenhouse is more than a garden center. This ever-evolving operation offers quality products and services in all departments. Follow the smell of fresh baked cookies coming from their bakery or enter their gift shop where you can find seasonal décor and other special treats. Don’t forget to stop at the nursery for trees, shrubs, and perennials and check out their array of classes.

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