Virtual Rain Day Festival


Repeats: None

90 E High Street
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370
(724) 627-8111
Region: Pittsburgh & Its Countryside
Hours of operation: 12:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
Admission fee: Free

Rain Day 2020 Goes Virtual! Please join us by reinventing this annual tradition in our county, it may not be the traditional way but the rain record history must go on! Live Fireworks sponsored by EQT on July 29th at 9pm! You will get the chance to watch performers through-out the day, right from your comfy couch! Live videos of Wayne Drop, the new 2020 Miss Rain Day and award presentations! We will have contests galore! Prizes for all! Continue supporting our local restaurants and order in! Contests! Downtown Business Window Decorating Contest!! 1st place-$100 plus ownership for one year of the golden coveted watering can, 2nd place-$50 & 3rd place-$25 Baby Rain Day! King-Queen-Prince-Princess Each winner will receive $100, crown or tiara and title banner and honor of representing throughout the coming year! Best decorated can -$25 Umbrella Contest! Decorate an umbrella in a Rain Day theme! 1st place-$100, 2nd place-$50 & 3rd place $25 Decorate lawn, porch, sidewalk in a Rain Day theme! Contest open to all Greene County residents! 1st place-$100, 2nd place-$50 & 3rd place-$25 2 Ways 2 choices to order a traditional Rain Day T-shirt or the Special Edition of 2020! Rain Record is 115 out of 146 years! Will it Rain? Stay tuned! Follow our website at and the Rain Day Facebook page for more details!