Roundtable: Beautify with Color


Repeats: None

Horst Arts
17 North Main Street
Manheim, Pennsylvania 17545
Region: Dutch Country Roads
Hours of operation: 1 pm to 4 pm
Admission fee: 65.00

Learn basic color theory and how to use color in interior design, study trending colors in 2021—and discover your own color personality! About this Event Participate in Horst Arts’ first premiere Roundtable event, titled “Beautify with Color.” The topic is color theory, which speaks into a wide range of applications—from those working at designing their own spaces to landscapers to realtors who want to speak into their clients’ color conundrums. The class will start with understanding color theory basics and working with the color wheel. We’ll move on to color mixing, how to work with color in art and interior design, plus we’ll discuss the psychology of color and its effects. Learn about color trends for 2021, both for home and business interiors. Finally, understand the undertones of colors and why lighting and surroundings affect color perception. Plus there will be a fun, interactive color questionnaire! Learn about your own color code and your color personality. What hue are you? Lisa Colombo is a Creative Color Consultant that specializes in interior/exterior space design in residential and commercial markets. She is best described as a visionary that skillfully works intuitively to assist with color palettes, concept 3D renderings, layout/design, mood board visualizations, and hardscaping/landscaping designs. Lisa's journey started in the new custom home interior side and includes recent work as a Color Consultant for Sherwin Williams and Lead Color Designer with Tangerine Sky. Lisa's portfolio is filled with unique custom projects and designs. Her love for color and art has connected her to many other creatives in her field where she enjoys partnering on unique and interesting projects supporting artists and creatives with similar drive.