Josiah for President, the Musical

Bird-in-Hand Stage
2760 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird-In-Hand, Pennsylvania 17505
Region: Dutch Country Roads
Hours of operation: 1:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Shows – Tue-Sat
Admission fee: $17 - $58

After throwing in the towel on his presidential campaign, former Congressman Mark Stedman meets Josiah Stoltzfus – and learns more from the Amish farmer in a few hours than in his many years in office. Stedman believes someone like Josiah should be running the country. Not a career politician, but someone with a little old-fashioned common sense, someone who’s not afraid of rolling up his sleeves and getting his hands dirty. Without Josiah’s knowledge, Stedman introduces him as a write-in candidate and does everything in his power to make sure Josiah gets elected. Presented in partnership with Blue Gate Musicals, the creative team behind The Confession and Half-Stitched, this captivating journey, full of light- hearted antics, is brought to life by a talented cast of professionals – including several veterans of Bird-in-Hand Stage. This hit musical consistently plays to sold-out audiences and we are excited to welcome it back to our stage just in time for the election season. Can a plain man of faith turn the tide of politics and become the leader of America? Join us and find out!