Johnstown Zombie Crawl


Repeats: None

Downtown Johnstown
Johnstown, Pennsylvania 15901  
Region: The Alleghenies
Hours of operation: 7pm-12am
Admission fee: $10.00

NATIONAL EMERGENCY ALERT: The virus has failed to be contained. The CDC claims the outbreak originated on August 1st in the Cambria City section of Cambria County and has since spread across four counties; including Cambria, Blair, Bedford, and Somerset. Please be advised, the virus is speculated to spread via airborne pathogens. Remain indoors! ⚠️ WARNING SIGNS: Periodic loss of consciousness, night sweats, unexplained open wounds, clumsiness, itchy eyes, cold sweats, violent vomiting, abdominal pain, and burning throat sensations. If you have suspicion you’ve contracted the virus, proceed to downtown Johnstown for crucial health exams and possible quarantine procedures. Do not risk infecting others. ------- ISOLATION DATE: Saturday, October 21, 2023 REGISTRATION: 7-8pm at The Stadium Pub, 101 Washington St. Wristbands are ONLY available during registration. Please plan accordingly to obtain yours. QUARANTINE VENUES: - The Stadium Pub - Fetz's Sports Pub - Rocky's Tavern - Balance Restaurant - Lucy's Place - Stone Bridge Brewing Co. - Harrigan's Café & Wine Deck TRANSPORTATION: 7:00pm-12:00am (continuous loops between venues) STRATEGY: Travel in herds, crowds, squads, couples, or individually around the city to various venues for drink and food specials, music, entertainment, and exclusive antidotes (maybe someone will have the cure!) COST: $10 cash only - includes unlimited rides between quarantine locations, specials, entertainment, donation toward continued events, & a night of excruciating fun. A quarantine bus will be making continuous loops between all participating venues for any zombies who need a quick transport. Transports end at 12a, so make sure you get to where you need to be before midnight... or perish. It IS possible to walk/roll between all venues. Please bring cash and small bills to make it easier on our local undead bars/bartenders who will be very busy tending to the mob! Invite your friends! "Spread the word...not the virus." #jtownzombiecrawl **This event is restricted to people 21 years and older. Drinking is optional. If you choose to do so, please drink responsibly, be respectful, designate a driver for the end of the night...and have some fun! This is your city- enjoy it! Participants of the Johnstown Zombie Crawl participate at their own risk. Organizers, Venues, Transportation, and the City of Johnstown are not responsible for any personal injury or damaged property. You in Flood City is an experience-planning 501(c)(3) nonprofit that exists to encourage hometown promotion through curating unique events.

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