Free Art Exhibit- Our Arts Community Relief

05/01/20 - 06/30/20

Repeats: Every Day

Black Moth Gallery
18 East Lancaster Ave
Ardmore, Pennsylvania 19003
Region: Philadelphia & The Countryside
Hours of operation: 10-6

May 1st- June 30th- Our Arts Community Relief- A show and sale focused on safeguarding artists' livelihoods for a brighter tomorrow Artist reception- June 5th- 6-9pm In response to the downturn this and every region inevitably faces Black Moth felt it had to attempt to do something to help with the resources it has. We quickly developed an exhibition exclusively featuring works by local artists to help them put their art out there to the public and in hopes to find a new collector or two. We only have a narrow window in the year’s schedule that we could adjust and fit this in to and as assistance programs lag behind its clear that people need funds now and not more claims of help later. In reaching out to some of the terrific talent here in the Greater Philadelphia Region a number of artists responded emphatically as would be expected. We aim to be able to hang the exhibition come May 1st and run the show and sale through to the end of June. We hope that an early June artist reception will prove far enough out that attendees will feel comfortable to join us in person and show that level of solidarity amongst the community all speak of. Art is our life and our lives need some significant support these days. These stressful times may dampen our spirits but it certainly won’t stop us from creating. The past has shown us in difficult economic periods some of the most impacted are the arts and similar luxuries, albeit valuable components in society. Already people have lost their jobs, are desperate for assistance, and are concerned for their futures. Those of us not on salaries feel that kind of pressure through most of each year, hoping for the next exhibition and festival to earn a living. With events cut short, cancelled, and postponed the immediate future has been disruptive and disappointing, while one can imagine the rest of the year may not seem so promising either. This impromptu group exhibition is to bolster attention, to recognize and support local artists, with an immediate opportunity for sales. Art being a universal language, in that it transcends the spoken and written words, it communicates concepts, actions, and feelings to viewers proves it has value to all people. It portrays a time and place of a culture and society, reflecting the notions of past, present, and future, their values, accomplishments, hardships, and histories. It can portray an individual’s and/or group’s aesthetics and appreciations, which are equally fundamental as entertainment as well as for tranquility of mind and spirit. The arts keep life interesting, particularly for those that practice it, but for those that willingly as well as accidentally encounter it. Public works or private made visible to passersby add vibrancy to the environments we inhabit. Supporting the arts shouldn’t just a slogan the marketing heads slap on every campaign, but a reality for all to believe and engage in. Invited Artists: Suzanne Francis Kylie Grant Greg Jaskot Stefanie Lieberman Leah Macdonald Jennifer L. Manzella Gillian Pokalo Lynnette Shelley Don Shoffner Christine Stoughton Rita Siemienski Smith In addition to having our community turn their attention to the arts for this event I am also encouraging visitors to make a much needed donation to local non-profits who support those that surely needs that little extra in this time of hardship; the Ardmore Food Pantry and Narberth Community Food Bank.