D&H Virtual Challenge

Repeats: Every Day

This is a virtual event

D&H Rail Trail of NEPA
(570) 679-9300
Hours of operation: 6 am-6 pm
Admission fee: $30.00

Anyone up for a Challenge...a Challenge that makes a difference for you and the D&H Rail Trail? The Challenge is open for one month (9/11-10/4). *You can ride 40/20/10 miles in one day...(keep your stats and submit it to [email protected]) or ride it over the course of the month or keep track of how many miles you can ride in one month's time...(let me know your stats and submit your accomplishments to [email protected] and I will post it on our website.) **All monies raised go to the maintenance and improvement of the D&H Trail...we appreciate your support!!!!!!! You can register at http://getmeregistered.com/DHChallenge.

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