Conversion Rate - Scranton Shakespeare Festival

07/28/21 - 07/29/21

Repeats: Every Day

Scranton's Iron Furnaces
159 Cedar Avenue
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18504
(570) 230-7277
Region: Upstate PA
Hours of operation: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Admission fee: Free - Donations Accepted

The World Premier of Sergei Burbank's new play. Winner of the Scranton Scratch Night. An aspiring journalist thinks he’s found the motherlode: a retired and possibly crooked New York City cop whose tainted caseload might have put untold numbers of innocent men behind bars. But is the target as frail as he seems? Is his own journalistic record as spotless as he claims? And are the police -- the spear’s tip of society’s criminal justice system -- solely responsible for the consequences of the overwhelming job with which they’ve been tasked? Conversion Rate examines questions of ethics, humanity, and collective responsibility for the three-strikes, prison-industrial complex that now encumbers American society. Performed on outdoor stages at Scranton's historic Iron Furnaces - built in 1848! This unique venue not only offers an exciting theatrical experience, but also the peace of mind that comes with mindful, socially distanced, outdoor entertainment. 2021 is the 10th Anniversary Season for The Scranton Shakespeare Festival. Celebrating 10 years of excellent, free, accessible theatre.