Top 8 Winter Activities

With or without glistening snow, Pennsylvania is a winter wonderland with activities for everyone. From high-adrenaline thrills to relaxing ice boating, there are endless ways to enjoy the winter season throughout the Keystone State. 

Airboarding - Montage Mountain Resorts

Snow is plentiful at Montage Mountain Resorts in Scranton, thanks to 200 snow guns! Adventure seekers must try airboarding, the newest snow sport in Pennsylvania — only available at Montage Mountain.

Sledding - Valley Forge National Historical Park

The historic hills of Valley Forge National Historical Park might be remembered for the challenges they provided the Continental Army, but they become a competitive hot spot when the grounds turn white. Bring your sled and head to the many hills for a fun day of sledding!

Snow Shovel Racing - 55th Annual Beaver County Snow Shovel Riding Championship

You may hate shoveling snow during the winter, but you can still have fun at the 55th Annual Beaver County Snow Shovel Riding Championship on Jan. 13.  This one-of-a-kind event has been bringing snow lovers together for 50 years. Riders start at the top of the hill with their shovels and race down to the finish line — and entertainment and treats will occupy the supporters in the crowd.

Dogsledding - Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

You don’t have to go to Alaska to witness dogs pulling a sled through the snow! Dogsledding at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in the Laurel Highlands allows you to experience dogsledding with your very own set of dogs and a tour of the dog yard that houses 24 Alaskan huskies.

Mountain Biking - FrozenFat Mountain Bike Weekend

Bike enthusiasts venture to Raystown Lake for FrozenFat Mountain Bike Weekend Feb. 10-12. Experienced bikers who love the cold winter months enjoy mountain biking on the tough terrain while enjoying scenic views of Raystown Lake.

Site-see Roaming Elk Herd - Elk Country Visitors Center

View the largest free-roaming elk herd in the northeast in a unique way during winter by taking a horse-drawn sleigh ride at the Elk Country Visitors Center.

Ice Boating - Moraine State Park

Lake Arthur becomes a winter scene as it freezes at Moraine State Park. Once the temperatures drops, avid boaters can be found ice boating while they enjoy a tranquil day on the lake with the winter wonderland as their backdrop.

Snow-Covered Trails - Allegheny National Forest

Experience the thrill and beauty of snow-covered trails in Pennsylvania’s only national forest, the Allegheny National Forest. Adventurers can rent a snowmobile and accessories from Myers Motorsports to race through 300 miles of groomed trails with interconnecting loops.

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