Elk Viewing in PA

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You'll never forget the first time you see a majestic bull elk and his massive antlers roaming in the wild. Elk and Cameron Counties are the heart of Pennsylvania's Elk Country. Tucked in the remote southeastern end of Elk County, Benezette is designated as the Elk Capital of Pennsylvania.  The Elk Scenic Drive offers twenty-three viewing areas along over 100 miles of scenic winding roadway. When looking for elk watch for the wapiti, what the Native Americans call elk, which literally means white rump.  As a rule, when you see people looking in the same direction with cameras in-hand, you can figure elk are near. Elk are most active right after dawn and just before dusk, moving from bedding areas in sheltered woodlands into more open feeding areas. Elk can be seen year round, but they're especially active during the fall breeding season. Hearing the bugle and belly grunts of a bull as he defends his harem from other intruding bulls will leave you with goose bumps and eager for more.

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The echo of bugling bull echos through the valley.
The echo of bugling bull echos through the valley.
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