Celebrate Life Party

September 13, 2014
The Silk Road Market
115 N. Market, #1, New Wilmington, PA 16142 GET DIRECTIONS
Local: 724-946-8502
We are so incredibly lucky to live in a developed country.  In Angola,  the average woman only lives to be 39 years old, and the average man only 37.  In Afghanistan, they both can expect to reach only 44 years old.  Here in the United States, the average man will reach 75, and the average woman can expect to live to 81.  That's a huge difference, and a fact that we should all celebrate.  So, come celebrate your life!  Every party needs gifts, and the perfect gift is jewelry, so I'm giving away small silver charms to the first 44 customers.  Why 44? Because that's how old I am this year!  For those of you lucky enough to get a charm last year, this year's charm will be different, so come build onto your charm collection.  And there will be cupcakes. Probably not all day, though, because I just LOVE cupcakes. More accurately, I love to EAT cupcakes.   I will be showing NO restraint on the cupcake consumption.  So come join the party and celebrate life!
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Event Categories: Shopping, Antiques & Crafts
Facility Amenities: Free Admission
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