Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in PA

From the iconic mouthwatering smells of Hershey’s® chocolate to the famous fluffy marshmallow Peeps®, Pennsylvania is a candy lover’s paradise. Looking to discover more hidden sweet spots? Take a trip through the state and indulge in unique, rich and delicious treats.

Hershey Chocolate World® and The Hershey Story® - Dutch Country Roads

Touting the title, “The Sweetest Place On Earth®,” Hershey lives up to its name with chocolate and candy sights, smells and taste-testing experiences at multiple locations. Visitors can go behind the scenes to learn how the famous chocolates are created on the newly renovated Hershey’s® Great American Chocolate Tour. Chocolate enthusiasts also can experience Hershey’s® one-of-a-kind Create Your Own Candy Bar® attraction that lets guests design customized candy bars and wrappers. Continue the sweet time and embark on Hershey’s® Chocolate Tasting Adventure to earn a degree in chocolate tasting and see Hershey’s® characters come to life during the 4D Chocolate Mystery Show.

Wilbur Chocolate Company - Dutch Country Roads

Wilbur Chocolate Company, known for its fine quality chocolate, annually produces more than 170 million pounds of chocolate products and other various food ingredients. Visitors to the modern candy kitchen can watch handmade chocolates created right before their eyes, including homemade marshmallow, almond bark, heavenly hash, mint drizzle and more. After the mouth-watering tour, check out the Wilbur Chocolate Company’s Candy Americana© Museum, which has more than 150 hand-painted European and Oriental antique porcelain chocolate pots. 

PEEPS® Candy - Lehigh Valley

Everyone is familiar with the famous colorful sugar and fluffy marshmallow combination called PEEPS®, but many are surprised to know that they are made right here in Pennsylvania. For more than sixty years, PEEPS® candy has become a staple in Easter baskets all around the country and a tasty reminder that spring is here. PEEPS® now offers its tasty candies year round. Enjoy a traditional yellow peep chick this Easter, celebrate Halloween with a sweet fluffy ghost, and on Valentine’s Day, forget the flowers and give the irresistible chocolate-covered strawberry flavored peep.

Wolfgang Candy Company - Dutch Country Roads

Indulge in more than just delicious chocolate and candy when visiting the Wolfgang Candy Company™. In 2010, Wolfgang Candy™ was voted one of the "Top 5 Tasty Tours" in the nation by the Food Network. A tour of Wolfgang Candy™ allows guests to see, smell and taste candy while it’s created and learn the unique history behind this fourth generation, family-owned business. Visitors can feast their eyes on the process that transforms tiny pretzels into chocolate-covered delights and watch as peanut butter centers are covered in creamy milk chocolate. 

Sarris Candies® - Pittsburgh and its Countryside

Starting from humble roots in the basement of Frank Sarris’s Canonsburg home, Sarris Candies® has been voted by Pittsburgh natives to have the best chocolates in the city. From bite-size s’mores candies to chocolate-shaped bunnies, Sarris Candies® creates a wide and creative mix of treats that is sure to impress. The company also offers treats for every holiday and even allows visitors to customize their own box of chocolates for any occasion.

Anstine’s Candy Box - Dutch Country Roads

Located in York, Anstine's Candy has been selling quality, handmade chocolate for more than 70 years. In the late 1930s, young Anna Belle Anstine started making chocolates as a hobby. Now, two generations later in the same small shop, her granddaughter Anna and her husband Allen make candy in the same tradition, using only quality ingredients and no preservatives. The centers are cooked and stirred (and stirred and stirred!) and rolled by hand. Because of this method, no two pieces are alike. Each center is coated in pure milk or dark chocolate of the highest grade, derived directly from the cocoa bean.

Daffin’s Candy - Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region

Daffin's Candies has earned national recognition for its delectable sweet and semi-sweet milk chocolate candy with nearly 100 years of experience and three generations of chocolate makers. In addition to its line of yummy chocolates, Daffin's provides gourmet chocolates through its Jean Marie Collection, featuring unique hand-molded chocolates. Each piece of Daffin's candy continues to be hand-decorated, increasingly becoming a rarity in the candy business. Daffin's Chocolate Kingdom, located at the retail store in Sharon, includes large chocolate animals, two large castles and an entire miniature village with chocolate houses and railroads. The company also holds Swizzle Stick day, an open house day at the Farrell candy factory when visitors can view how candy is created. 

Gardners Candies - The Alleghenies

For more than a century, Gardners Candies has been crafting beautifully decorated candies, described by sweet lovers as “simply out of this world.” Founded by sixteen-year-old James “Pike” Gardner, the young entrepreneur first operated out of a small store in downtown Tyrone and later added a horse-drawn wagon to transport and sell candy, popcorn and peanuts at local fairs and carnivals. 

Asher’s Chocolates® - Philadelphia and the Countryside

Chester A. Asher, a Scottish farm boy from Canada, developed a passion for chocolate that has not faded from the family for more than four generations. Today, this family-owned-and-operated business makes the chocolates the same way Chester did — with only the freshest, purest ingredients mixed with love. With the largest line of sugar free chocolates in the country, Asher’s is a delicious place to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Wertz Candies - Dutch Country Roads

For almost 85 years, Wertz Candies has been creating quality sweets using recipes that have been passed down for generations. Some of these candies include old fashioned favorites such as caramallows (vanilla caramel covered in marshmallow), and blobs (a vanilla or chocolate caramel bar with marshmallow pieces). Wertz Candies also creates opera fudge, a Lebanon favorite. A rich, cream fondant, opera fudge is made with heavy cream from the local dairy, flavored with vanilla, and then coated in a pure chocolate liquor.  

Philadelphia Candies® - Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region

Philadelphia Candies® was named as such, not for the city, but for the Greek meaning of “candies made with brotherly love.” The shop was opened by brothers Jim and Steve Macris after they emigrated from Greece to western Pennsylvania in 1919. Almost 100 years later, the Macris family continues to operate under Jim and Steve’s brotherly-love mindset, creating delectable chocolates for all to enjoy including sea salt caramels, caramel and chocolate apples, and their signature piece, croquettes. 

Miesse Candies - Dutch Country Roads

Since its opening in 1875, Miesse Candies has created wonderful chocolates that delight the taste buds of all in Lancaster County. Using only natural ingredients such as pure vanilla and fresh cream, Miesse Candies is dedicated to creating only the best chocolates for their customers. Visitors can tour the Miesse Candies factory to learn the process of creating those special Miesse chocolates they love so much.