Military History

Pennsylvania is home to museums and attractions that honor veterans and their service. Pay tribute to those who fought for our nation and commemorate these historical events.


The Pennsylvania Military Museum - The Alleghenies
Honor the commonwealth citizens who served our country in defense of the nation by visiting the Pennsylvania Military Museum. The museum highlights the dedication of these citizens through exhibits showcasing a collection of vehicles, small arms, and a range of other artifacts from the 20th and 21st centuries.


The United States Army Heritage & Education Center - Dutch Country Roads
The center is the United States Army’s preeminent museum and research complex dedicated to educating and preserving the legacy of the men and women who have served their nation as soldiers. Visitors can explore a variety of exhibits at the center including the mile long Army Heritage Trail that features macro exhibits from various periods in history.


Pennsylvania Veterans Museum - Philadelphia and the Countryside
The Pennsylvania Veterans Museum is dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting the legacy and dignity of all veterans of the U.S. military. Guests can learn more by exploring the museum's collection, including a life-size diorama of D-Day highlights, Band of Brothers memorabilia, and interactive kiosks that feature personal stories told by Pennsylvania veterans. 


WWII Museum - Pennsylvania Wilds
The Eldred WWII Museum provides visitors the opportunity to learn about WWII by presenting unique exhibits that portray the history of the era. These exhibits include a M551 Sheridan tank, working submarine periscope and tank-mountain, where visitors can operate radio controlled tanks and compete to conquer the fortifications.


The National Civil War Museum - Dutch Country Roads
Located in Pennsylvania’s capital city, the National Civil War Museum incorporates collections of more than 24,000 artifacts of manuscripts, documents, photographs and other printed articles that portray the struggle of America during the Civil War.


Fort Ligonier - Laurel Highlands
Explore the history of the French and Indian War and Pontiac’s War at Fort Ligonier. The museum provides a portal to the eighteenth century and features French and Indian War art, the George Washington Collection, and “An Introduction to the Seven Years’ War” exhibit. Visitors can also explore eight acres of the original site of Fort Ligonier to learn how soldiers lived during this time.


Endless Mountains War Memorial Museum - Upstate PA
This museum houses one of the largest collections of personal artifacts from five separate conflicts in United States history, spanning more than 200 years. Visitors can pay tribute to war veterans while getting a first-hand look at exhibits ranging from the days of the American Revolution to Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Washington Co. Historical Society Military Heritage Museum - Pittsburgh and its Countryside
The museum is housed in the 1812 LeMoyne house in Washington County, Pennsylvania’s first National Historic Landmark of the Underground Railroad. Dr. LeMoyne was the owner of the home and took a stand against slavery by providing safe hiding places for runaway slaves. Visitors can participate in tours of the house and view period artifacts dedicated to Dr. LeMoyne’s memory.


Bucks County Civil War Museum & Library - Philadelphia and the Countryside
Located in historic Bucks County, the museum is located within the historic Hall House, a property that was part of the William Penn grant. The Penn Land Grant of 1681 was in payment for a debt that the British Crown owed to Penn's father, Sir William Penn, an admiral in the British navy. Visitors can get a glimpse in to Civil War history and the town’s legacy of patriots as they browse artifacts from this era that also represent the region’s history.


Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum - Dutch Country Roads
Located at Fort Indiantown Gap and housed in a two-story barracks built in 1941, the Pennsylvania National Guard Military Museum showcases items and weapons from the Civil War and the Gulf War, among others, as well as items depicting the history of the Pennsylvania National Guard.