Made in PA Factory Tours

From guitars and motorcycles to crayons and pretzel treats, the Happy Traveler’s favorite products are made in Pennsylvania. Have you ever wondered how your favorite goods were made? Pennsylvania’s leading manufacturing factories help visitors pursue their happiness by catching a glimpse of the process first-hand, all while gaining an entirely new appreciation for their beloved products and indulgences.

C.F. Martin Guitar & Co, Inc.® - Lehigh Valley

Martin Guitar has continuously produced acoustic guitars for more than 175 years. Known as some of the finest instruments in the industry, Martin is the oldest surviving maker of guitars in the world. Tour-takers can follow a guitar through almost 300 steps, from rough lumber to a finished product, as they explore the factory floor on free, guided tours to learn about the art of guitar making. The Buy From Factory program allows attendees to purchase an instrument on their visit!

Harley-Davidson Motor Company®, Vehicle Operations - Dutch Country Roads

The city of York is home to Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations, the largest Harley-Davidson manufacturing facility in the country. Visitors can explore exhibits at the plant that highlight the operation’s history, and watch a movie for an inside look at Harley’s processes and products. Next, watch employees make parts and assemble different models, as well as custom motorcycles. During the tour, guests even get the chance to sit on current production motorcycles. 

United States Mint - Philadelphia and its Countryside

At the United States Mint in Philadelphia, visitors literally see money made before their eyes. Learn the story behind United States currency, and catch a glimpse of the original coining press used 225 years ago in 1792. Watch the actual production process as coils of copper and nickel are unwound, pressed and turned into the coins Americans use every day.  

Snyder’s® of Hanover - Dutch Country Roads

For more than a century, Snyder’s® has been known as America's Pretzel Bakery – and continues the tradition with a variety of snack foods still produced in Hanover today. Free, guided tours are offered with advance reservations, leading visitors through the factory for a glimpse of how tradition, technology and teamwork combine to make great-tasting pretzels!

Herr’s® Snack Factory Tours - Philadelphia and its Countryside

This tasty tour begins with a brief history of the Herr’s® tradition, and continues with a tasty education on how Herr’s® makes its products. As visitors tour the plant, they learn little-known facts about their favorite snacks – like what makes a great chipping potato and how tortilla chips get their seasoning. Don’t forget to save room for a stop at the Herr’s® snack bar at the end of the tour.

The Crayola Experience™ - Lehigh Valley

Ever wondered how Crayola makes its crayons? See it right before your eyes at The Crayola Experience™, an interactive discovery center for children and adults. Explore the magic of light and color and experiment with innovative art techniques at this playful museum. With younger visitors in mind, Crayola added Toddler Town, a section of the factory for preschoolers, which includes a giant pegboard and ball maze. Creativity is encouraged at the Crayola Experience™, especially at the Wrap It Up! Attraction, where visitors design unique, personalized crayons and labels.

Yuengling® Brewery - Upstate PA

Only one brewery can claim fame as being the oldest brewery in the United States, and that brewery is Yuengling®! For more than 180 years, this family-owned and operated business has prided itself on its quality production and taste. Visitors can enjoy samples on the free factory tour while getting a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process, as well as a glimpse of the underground, hand-dug fermentation cave used for storage prior to refrigeration.

Byers’ Choice® Ltd. Carolers - Philadelphia and the Countryside

The Byers’ Choice® Ltd. factory is the home of the handcrafted Carolers® figurine collectibles. See a team of 80 skilled artisans designing the caroler figures with their heads raised in song. With a visit to the factory, visitors can stroll down a life-sized London street (often the setting for many of the carolers), watch skilled artisans from the observation deck, and have the opportunity to purchase exclusive Carolers® available only on site. 

Utz® Quality Foods - Dutch Country Roads

The Utz® story began in 1921 in a home kitchen, producing about 50 pounds of chips an hour for local grocers and markets. Today, Utz® is the largest independent, privately held snack brand in the United States, producing more than 3.3 million pounds of snacks per week. Utz® also produces cheese curls, kettle chips and pretzels. See and smell the creation of Utz® potato chips during a free, self-guided tour, and even get a free sample.

BWP Bats®, LLC - Pennsylvania Wilds

Each week, BWP Bats® constructs around 2,000 completely hand-made baseball bats from northwestern Pennsylvania red oak and maple trees. On the free factory tour, visitors can see how BWP Bats®, known as the hardest and most durable wooden bats in the Major League, abides by a rigid 14-step quality control process − from a rough forest log to a finely crafted baseball bat. 

Daffin’s Candies - Pennsylvania’s Great Lakes Region

Daffin's Candies, otherwise known as the “chocolate kingdom,” has been making delectable chocolate treats for more than 100 years. With a 20,000-square-foot store filled with candies and gifts, the company prides itself as having the world’s largest chocolate store. Fans of Daffin’s can visit during seasonal production hours for a peek at how the gourmet treats are made. During the tour, guests will witness a unique collection of handcrafted chocolate come to life and feel their taste buds swell at the sight (and taste!) of this sweet tour.  

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery - Dutch Country Roads

Opening as a bread bakery in 1850, Julius Sturgis soon made the switch to pretzels, opening the first commercial pretzel bakery in America. Today, visitors can tour the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery and learn the history of pretzel baking in America – and even see the original ovens built by Julius Sturgis himself in 1861. Guests can view bakers in action as they twist and bake hand-made soft pretzels, or learn the trade through a hands-on lesson in pretzel twisting. 

Turkey Hill® Experience - Dutch Country Roads

Get the scoop on how ice cream – and Turkey Hill® Iced Tea – are made at the Turkey Hill® Experience, where you can design your own ice cream package, star in a TV commercial, develop your own virtual ice cream flavor and create your own creamy concoction at the reservations-only Taste Lab. Fluffernutter, mint cookie dough or black raspberry with cookies and fudge are just a few of the flavors.