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The railroad industry made Pennsylvania a giant in the Industrial Age. When visitors take in the Horseshoe Curve, Altoona's engineering marvel, or visit one of the state's popular railroad museums, the state's railroad history lives on.

Featured Trip Ideas
  • See the Susquehanna River by paddleboat: Cruise on the Hiawatha and hear tales of lumberjacks and other river characters.
  • Historic Watsontown River Bridge: The bridge offers breathtaking views and some interesting history, too. It was designed and built in 1927, and listed as a historic place in 1988 for its engineering significance. 
  • Milton State Park: The 82-acre island in the West Branch of the Susquehanna River is great for walking, biking and picnics, and also features wildlife habitats, a boat launch and great fishing.
  • Lincoln Park Gazebo, downtown Milton: The Gazebo is home to Concerts in the Park during the summer months and offers year-round views of the river.
  • Soldier’s Park: The park is the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon on the river and a view of the Lewisburg River Bridge, an elegantly dotted structure with three-globed lampposts.
  • Mariah’s Garden, Lewisburg: Mingle among the flowers along the river’s edge in this peaceful garden.
  • The Fence Drive-In: One mile south of the Lewisburg River Bridge, this local eatery takes you back in time. Dine in your car while enjoying car-hop service or take a seat at a picnic table overlooking the river.
  • Hunters Valley Winery, Liverpool: Enjoy daily wine tastings and views of endless mountains and vineyards, accompanied by the river backdrop.
  • Camp along the river: There are 23 maintained campsites on islands stretching from Sunbury to Harrisburg.  
  • Shikellamy State Park: The park offers great biking trails and the Shikellamy Overlook, featuring views of Northumberland, Sunbury and beyond.
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