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Kennywood, the Pittsburgh-area amusement park, opens each season in May, but to Western Pennsylvanians, the statement “Kennywood is open” has an embarrassing connotation: It means your fly is open.

The origin of the saying? Unknown. But has a definition and there’s even a Facebook page for “People who know what ‘Kennywood is open’ means” with more than 4,000 members. For every tradition this park has - given its millions of patrons over the last 113 years - this universal understanding among Kennywood faithfuls has and continues to withstand generations.

Winner of the National Amusement Park Historical Association’s “Favorite Amusement Park in the World” award and designated a National Historic Landmark, Kennywood features six unforgettable coasters and 27 wild, unique and rare attractions, as well as a 14-ride Kiddieland that creates big smiles on the smallest of visitors. The park is an annual summer tradition that seamlessly connects the qualities and character of a bygone era with modern thrills that can’t be found elsewhere.

Non-coaster rides such as “The Auto Race,” “The Kangaroo” and the award-winning “Noah’s Ark” are the only attractions of their kind still left operating in the world. Additionally, the centerpiece of the park, the 1926 “Kennywood Carousel,” was the last one built by famed carousel creator William H. Dentzel.

Kennywood is open now. Just don’t forget to zip up your fly in a rush to the exhilarating park because, even though “Kennywood’s open,” that’s not always thrilling news.

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